Our Vision

Exergen's vision is to develop, commercialise, licence and continually improve its breakthrough technology to enable brown coal-dependent economies to meet their energy needs while substantially reducing emissions, water consumption and costs.

To achieve our vision the current key activities are being undertaken.

  • We are progressing the design, approval, construction, commissioning and operational proving of a Pre-Commercial Demonstration (or Demonstrator) Scale CHTD coal upgrading plant.
  • We are continuing our research and development of CHTD coal processing and associated process steps including water treatment, gas treatment and dewatering (including via mechanical expression).
  • We are progressing a research and development collaboration for DICE technology.
  • We are securing our intellectual property from the focus areas of our research and development efforts.

In parallel to the above, the company will work to confirm priority resource development and market opportunities. Securing a portfolio of resource development and commercial market contracts is the key to the long-term success of Exergen.

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