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Exergen has developed a proven breakthrough clean-coal technology that will contribute to global energy security by reducing emissions from coal-fired power generation.

The Exergen process, combined with a range of external environmental factors, provides a window of opportunity for us to deliver significant value for shareholders, contribute to economic growth and prosperity and provide a more efficient and environmentally-friendly solution to the use of lower-grade coals.

Current activities fall into four broad categories:

  • Pre-Commercial Demonstration (or Demonstrator) plant preparation, permitting and design;
  • Pre-Commercial Demonstration (or Demonstrator) construction and commissioning;
  • Proving trials and equipment campaigns to validate performance and confirm proof of concept for further commercial scale-up;
  • Other R&D priorities that add value to our products.

Exergen looks forward upon completion of the activities described above to developing commercial facilities that deliver the full potential and environmental benefits of the technology.

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