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Exergen is a company founded in Australia to leverage the extraordinary vertical autoclave technology invented by Peter Tait and Don Nicklin and developed with the support of Martin Albrecht and Dale Elphinstone.

Exergen shareholders now also include Thiess, a leading construction and mining services provider, Tata Power, a member of the Indian Tata Group of Companies, and engineering specialist, Sedgman Limited.

The environmentally focused philosophy of the organization is reflected in its prioritisation of the application of the Exergen technology to lignite and subbituminous coals.

The Exergen Breakthrough

Exergen has developed a breakthrough clean coal technology that, teamed with modern coal-fired power station technology, will deliver up to 40 percent emissions reductions.

The technology is known as the Continuous Hydrothermal De-watering (CHTD) of brown coal (lignites) and high moisture subbituminous coal.

Exergen CHTD is a significant step towards overcoming the social and economic challenges posed by many nations' continued reliance on subbituminous coals for energy production.

The Future of Exergen

Already research is underway to further refine the CHTD process and to develop other applications for the technology. In addition, the vertical autoclave technology will be applied to the energy-efficient refining of bauxite, nickel and other minerals.

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